the tiny, one floor villa

"the dark side of dick bruna", rotterdam, 2018
in an ideal world i live in a tiny, one floor villa on a hilly side, overlooking the ocean. in an ideal world i see things as fitting. in this world however, i make do with what i've got. 

hombroich, langen foundation, thomas houseago
and i do make the very best of it : braving the nextdoor neighbours' evening and weekend days renovations, acquiesce the miniscule neighbourhood dogs fierce late night yapping;  

hombroich, raketenstation
bearing a future new housing estate development in back of my town garden, expecting years of construction upheaval; all while stomaching the closeby railway depot nightly racket of running diesel motors.

garden in back, 10' late yesterday evening sketch, before dark set in, actually
i live on an otherwise lowkey street and i understand circumstances, but i hardly signed up for boorish neighbours, county council's ungracious, self-indulgent attitudes and railway maladministrations.

la-roche-en-ardenne, another dream villa... ☺
if on a daily basis i care to remain genteel about all of this, i do keep dreaming of the tiny one floor villa too. therefore, calling in question the two latter nuisances, in an attempt to empower local authorities : 

oh, if ever... hampton court inner courtyard, 2014
advocating a considered and serene living climate for all, our street committee is presently counterbalancing the planned (running up to 9 storeys!) housing development, in an otherwise low rise area. 

hombroich, raketenstation, juan munoz, derailment
the nightly train racket i am taking on solely. there is however only so much energy one has to counteract council goofs, while keeping both a working and creative life viable and the necessary recess unharmed.

to be continued, undoubtedly....
and wishing you all, though, a beautiful, invigorating weekend. ♥

i'm dedicated to awesome creative weeks. and months

{for purpose of blog only; low res reproduced} work by ingrid & patrice. for originals, please contact the ladies ☺
my first try at streamlining my social media movements didn't happen. falling offline, a busy daytime job and traveling here and there have all perturbed my careful organised scheming. i'm taking a second breath.  
eindhoven, viaduct
i'd like to introduce an IG rotation schedule, comprising photographic topics, sharing building drawings, aiming at growing a collection to be offered for sale one way or another.
ABC of Geraardsbergen. so far
midweek i'll continue sharing my A-Z poster thingy (i'm at C), linking local icons to illustrations, running down the complete alphabet, to be commercialized into a town poster celebrating its 950 years of existence. 
piet hein eek, showroom
i also want to share progress on my period area vignette drawings, because i want to work these into merchandise such as wrapping paper and festive holidays greetings cards and prints. 
the greens. in squares. again. no specifications on excerpt images
by the end of the week and into the weekend i work on collage. i guess it'll be loose assembling first and hopefully i'll get into more graphic compositions once i get a good hang of it. 
piet hein eek, showroom, looking up

why diversify thus? i hate monotony. i love drawing, making photos, painting and collage, but not necessarily all together in a kind of mixed media way. therefore i like to break things up a little. 
eindhoven, dusk

and also, it is a way to experiment and extend my online presence in a way i can relate to that works for me. i want a.o. IG to work for me, and regular posting helps me to stay tuned into making things happen. 
zeebrugge, North Sea seaside. fun with friend ☺

apart from my IG posts, i still love blogging, i can't shake that habit. i am always looking forward to bringing together tidbits of a past week into a pleasing mix of words and image. a newsletter of sorts, indeed.

so, stay tuned, and feel very welcome, on IG and here. enjoy your week ahead! ♥

bull, horns and patchwork

kitchen wall, plants trooping
a deep sigh and a mind set to success was all that i needed to get going, like with any enterprise, really. so i finally altered my dysfunctional corner wall construction into a manageable, moveable feat;

corner construction, scrapwood wallpaper
i considered painting the corner piece white to make it retreat into the wall, until i decided against it, and simply wallpapered it with some piet hein eek scrapwood offcuts i'd saved for just this kind of purpose;

recent growing full moon, in brussels lately
and so i had a ball doing that, because, well, patchwork! always a fun thing to do, mix and match; even better when no particular pattern is involved. in this case {offcuts} i also had to get rid of adds on;

vintage sideboard, new handles
in between deciding and doing, i changed the handles on this rad little sideboard, at long last. it needed those unpinching handles badly, so it sits happily now, in its new lease of life. obviously, as always,

evenings without www
all of this meant time away from the studio. i have finally admitted to myself that both renovating ànd studio time in a day don't mix well. i'm taking the hint and don't try to force it on; 

cutting the blues
and so one step at a time. i was however totally happy to cut and paste more paper, but then in my new sketchbook. colour tone-on-tone is leading the way. i'm into the blues right now, can't wait to get to pink ☺. ...  

enjoy the weekend and have a beautiful week ahead ♥

hombroich surprise!

Museum Insel Hombroich, Labyrinth
my prepped blog post was an explano on how i imagine my IG account will evolve more into, erm, me (i wish). yeah. and then everything kind of blew into a shambles, stopping me sharing anything, online. 

the road between Museum Insel Hombroich and Raketenstation Hombroich
that's a weird feeling, i find. one minute it's all go, next, the modem says 'no', entailing phone calls, fickle delivery dates and pick ups. next unwrapping and trying to understand what's what. 

Raketenstation Hombroich.... what flower is this, anyone? 
finally though, getting that platform running again, against all odds and with brand new sailing winds. i feel kind of refreshed, a new digital data shower is sprucing down the place and leaving a sparkle. 

langen foundation hombroich - polyphon, danh vô
this sudden offline void has had me enthralled on the subject matter here, of renovation and freedom from the www. so it's possible that i push IG further down the line and keep breathing... just kidding. 

Museum Insel Hombroich, Turm, begehbare skulptur
i am working on the house again though. it. needs. my. undevided. attention, and that's no joke. i'll try and keep y'all posted on that, it might be fun. sharing might even swing me back into creating too. 

Raketenstation Hombroich, Siza Pavillon, Tomas Riehle exhibition
last sunday our akademy took a day trip out to Neuss-Hombroich. we had a magnificent day's outing with bags of sunshine and sweet silent green pastures, architecture and art. oh. and geese. so. many. geese. ☻

fully loaded, enjoy the week ahead, lovelies! ♥


Belgium, la Roche-en-Ardennes
let's talk kairos. kairos is chronos' grandson. i haven't known that for a long time. just 2 1/2 weeks ago, i came to the understanding kairos is chronos' grandson. does it mean anything? YES. it means so, so much. 

day's outing and museum moment in a nearby town
dutch contemporary philosopher Joke Hermsen enlightened me on these gods of old. and if chronos is playing tricks on us, which he is, like ALL of the time, then it's kairos we need to hug. 

sweet break midweek
while chronos makes us run and run, and perhaps seek cover, and arghgh, leaves us blown till it's all ugly, kairos can step in and he'll say: now. go lightly, child. and breathe. 

valerius de saedeleer, i bow
and sit down. and do absolutely nought. dare it, do ab-so-lu-te-ly nought. or ought. sit. laugh. cry. pray (mhmmm). work. admire. words on loan from a dutch singer songwriter

morning walk, sitting down on a bench, finishing a drawing
and what a relief it is to do so and just breathe. sitting still. not minding the world twirling by.  thinking... kairos, my gawd... 'bout time we got truly acquainted. 

love your sunday, enjoy the week ahead, giving kairos the light of day... ♥